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Clearance Info

All Fiestaware we offer is supplied to us as new, first quality. We do not buy seconds! On our clearance page you will find a limited number of items that were supplied to us as first quality, but these items do not meet our quality standards.

Clearance items will have glaze imperfections, color skips, surface scratches, or other flaws.

The manufacturer advises that, "Slight variations in color and minor flaws are all part of the normal production process and are not considered defective or seconds."

These items are great for every day use!

Fiestaware Bowls

1 Quart Serving Bowl - Clearance

$17.95   $9.45

12" Rimmed Pasta Bowl - Clearance

$23.95   $18.45

9" Rimmed Soup Bowl - Clearance

$16.95   $10.45

Bouillon Bowl - Clearance

$5.95   $4.45

Cereal Bowl, 14 oz - Clearance

$7.65   $5.45

Fruit Bowl - Clearance

$5.95   $4.45

Medium Mixing Bowl - Clearance

$29.95   $14.45

Oval Serving Bowl - Clearance


Small Mixing Bowl (Discontinued) - Clearance

$22.95   $14.45

Soup Bowl, 19 oz - Clearance

$7.95   $5.45